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Epos Solution. 

Epos Solution 

hospitality hardware full Epos system

Eden One Group offers a next level, advanced EPOS system that is fast, reliable, efficient, and comes with a whole host of features and benefits. Our in-depth training and first-class support ensure that you’ll be able to get the most out of the system in no time. The solution is also an all in one machine that can take payments, bookings and orders seamlessly from the pdq machine.  Why make your business clunk when it can click?

Delivery image

Intergrates 3rd part food apps like Just Eat, Deliveroo, Uber eats and also connect your own menu  ecom and Swoope..

Stock Control

Stock control is essential for many epos systems. Keep an eye on your best sellers, then everyone's a winner.

Card machine image

Taking payments through an advanced card machine that accepts most forms of card payments and intergrates with the epos system effortlessly.

Table booking

Book and manage table bookings through the epos system.  Also customers can order with QR code at the table.

Good reviews

Tap into customer reviews and ratings and see what customer really think of your business. Build more confidence for new 

Upload Products

Upload products with ease and simplicity. This can be done in bulk so also saves time. Add new features with ease making the system fluid.

Eden One Group

Epos Equipment in details

Epos System and solution for your business

Sunmi T2s L1562 15.6″ FHD EPOS Touch Terminal with Built-In Printer and 10.1″ HD Consumer Display [UK] / Android 9.0 / Octa-Core / 3GB RAM/32GB ROM / 802.11a/b/g/n/ac / Bluetooth BLE 2.1/3.0/4.0/5.0

The T2s builds on the highly successful all-in-one T2 with upgraded features such as higher memory capacity. The T2s runs on Android 9 with the SUNMI OS platform and offers WiFi, Bluetooth and optional 4G connectivity. The T2s includes an integrated 80mm receipt printer with a print speed of 250mm/sec which allows smooth printing.

Factsheet in more detail click here

Epos System and solution for your business

SUNMI T2 LITE T3523 15.6″ FHD EPOS Touch Terminal with 15.6″ FHD Consumer Display / Android 7.1 / Octa-Core / 2GB RAM / 802.11b/g/n / Bluetooth BLE 2.1/3.0/4.0

The T2 Lite-2 Android 7.1 PoS terminal features a 15.6″ screen with additional 15.6″ customer display option.

It also features a hole within the stand that is perfect for cable management for a clutter-free work station.

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-core

  • Main display 15.6″ 1920×1080 resolution

  • Space gray aluminum alloy base

  • Support Wi-Fi networking

Factsheet in more detail click here

Pdq and epos solution for your business

Pax A920Pro is designed for all vertical markets and special projects such as public transport, home delivery, queue busting, petrol. Thanks to its fast processor and double memory, it is the ideal solution to run multiple applications simultaneously to manage table orders, payments and loyalty programs. All perfectly integrated to accept any payment method.

  • Powered by Android 8.1

  • Cortex A53 processor

  • 5.5" capacitive touchscreen

  • 4G + WiFi + Bluetooth

  • Contactless + chip & PIN + magstripe

  • PIN on glass technology 

  • 5MP rear camera

  • Professional scanner

  • 5150mAh / 3.7V long-lasting battery

  • Fast-speed printer 

  • PCI PTS 5.x SRED

Factsheet in more detail click here

Lease Equipment

The Benefits of Leasing: An Explanation of Tax Advantages
Leasing equipment provides businesses with a way to convert a significant capital
expenditure into manageable monthly payments. This approach allows companies to
have access to profit-making equipment immediately while maintaining available cash
reserves (epos systems and card payment machines). By leasing instead of
investing cash reserves in depreciating assets, businesses can use these reserves to
increase profits.

Lease Rental: 100% Tax Deductible
The main reason why the majority of businesses choose to lease equipment instead of
purchasing it is to reduce their tax bills. Lease rental payments are 100% tax-deductible,
and companies can write off all payments made for equipment against their tax bill.
This translates to a substantial saving in the actual cost of acquiring equipment by lease
rental, which could result in savings of between 20-40%+ of lease payments, depending
on the company's tax rate*.
Payments made on qualifying leases are considered direct operating expenses,
reducing taxable income in the short term. Lease payments can also be used to offset
taxable profits, and businesses can reclaim VAT on monthly payments. Being
considered a "lease" instead of a "liability" on a company's balance sheet is an
attractive prospect for banks, making operating leases a wise financing option for both
small and large businesses.

Disadvantages of Buying Equipment Outright: Understanding Depreciating

The disadvantage of buying equipment outright is that the invested capital becomes a
depreciating asset. The value of this asset decreases over time. The amount by which
assets have depreciated during a reporting period is shown on the cash flow statement
and makes up part of the expenses shown on the income statement. The balance sheet
shows the amount that assets have depreciated to by the end date.

Understanding Tax Advantages of Leasing with a Practical Example
To illustrate the tax advantages of leasing, consider a scenario where a company leases
a machine for £2,350.00 + VAT over a 3-year term. The monthly payments for this lease
would be £85.94 + VAT over 36 months. The total amount paid over the term of the
lease would be £3,093.80. Since 19% tax can be reclaimed on the total lease payments
made over the 3 years, the total amount that can be reclaimed is £587.82. Therefore,
the net cost of the lease is £3,093.80 - £587.82 = £2,505.98*. Keep in mind that this
information is for guidance only, and your accountant can provide more specific details.
*These figures are provided for illustrative purposes only and may vary depending on
the specific circumstances of your business. Please consult with a tax professional for
personalized advice.

3 Epos Questions.

Is an Epos system is good for business?

An Epos system makes it easy to serve your customers. By making the buying process faster and more efficient, you'll reduce wait periods, no customer wants a slower experience. Additionally, EPOS systems can help you tailor to your customers' specific needs, bringing up data about past purchases and other info to help you better serve them. You can keep track on stock levels and profit and loss.


Why should you upgrade the epos system when you have spent so much on an older system?

Technology changes from year to year and what you find is a slower system will make your business slower. You might be used to it but your customers won't be. You are more likely to find that a newer epos system is more cost effective so it could be worth checking into.

Advantages of an Epos system and card machine integration?

Advantages of integration of the card machine to the epos till is important as it speeds up the processing time from the time from when the customer makes an order to you taking the payment. When your team is busy serving, having a stand alone terminal you are more prone to making errors which can be costly. Integration with the epos till system will stop this almost to a halt so less mistakes can occur when your business is busy. The only main challenge is making sure that the software communicates effectively between the card machine and the epos system. Our epos solution has a symbiotic relationship between the pdq machine and the epos system, so it operates at quicker speeds as it supposed to. 

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