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IOT and M2M solutions made easy.


VPN and private IP infrastructure.
Fixed and static IP’s.
Complete security

No Limit

Limitless alerts and data usage caps. You create the rules.

Control tariffs

Build the data tariff that’s perfect for your business. Centralised control of your cost.

IOT and M2M

We provide IoT and M2M SIM cards with custom built data tariffs supported by the world’s leading Internet of Things platforms.

At Eden One Group we take great pride in working with companies to create secure IoT and M2M solutions. We give you complete control of your connections with real-time analytics, advanced reporting and enhanced security with all of our IoT SIMs. We strive to create connectivity solutions that drives short term growth and long-term sustainability.

We appreciate that having controlled and secure connectivity may not be your expertise, but could be the difference between success or failure for your business. Our expert team of advisors are here to help you create an
IoT solution that is right for you and your business.

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