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Telematics - Fleet and Vehicle tracking

The Quartix vehicle tracking system provides commercial fleet tracking for cars, coaches, vans and trucks throughout the UK, US and Europe. Learn how the Quartix vehicle tracking features help a wide range of industries realise benefits and savings.

Key Benefits-

  • Reduce your Fuel Consumption

  • Validate working hours

  • Live Tracking

  • Improve driver safety

  • Geofencing

  • Easy to use

  • Full support

Live-Tracking with Quartix

Track and view the routes of your fleet. Update your customers to increase your value. Monitor driver behavior and idle times to improve efficiency. Maintain the safety of your fleet by helping to reduce speed. Geofence areas on the map and receive alerts when the area is crossed. 

It is simple to enhance your business with Quartix and unlock many doors the system offers. Once set up on the system you will have access to lots of easy-to-understand information that can be used to suit your business needs. You will have full training and support so you aren't left scratching your head at some of the features that will improve the managing of your vehicles. To get started click the button below, fill out the contact form and one of the friendly team will be in touch to understand how your business ticks and even set up a quick demo so you can get a good understanding of the system. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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