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It is not just about price, however, many merchants in the UK are overpaying for their card payment machines or overal merchant services, without even noticing. For many of the busy merchants in the UK don't have the time to study and understand how much of a positive effect the right business partner can add value to the busines, so they often settle for a card payment provider that is average at best. A good card machine provider needs to be focused on the merchants business and supporting them as much as possible. By offering a small amount of your time to look at a simple and transparent card payment solution, in return we will show you where we can add value by increasing  your profits, cash flow, reduce time, improve the machine, and help your business run smoother. We offer a complete range of fast, reliable, and secure solutions, so you can give your customers the best payment experience possible.

  • Lower rates - Lower rates mean more profit

  • High-end security - Protects you and your customers

  • Latest card machine - Technology update to get quicker transactions and processing speeds

  • Next business day transfers - Increases cash flow

  • Epos to suit your business - The right technology and tools for your business

  • We can also connect with over 400 Epos partners - Efficiency and less prone to human errors on a busy day.

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Faster Transactions

Merchant services are an essential part of doing business in the modern world. The ability to take payments quickly and efficiently is crucial to keeping customers happy and increasing the value of your business. Our machines are 80% faster than the nearest competitor, meaning that you can get through transactions quickly and keep your customers moving. In addition, our machines are some of the most advanced on the market, with features that will help you increase your cash flow and streamline your operations. If you're looking for a way to take your business to the next level, upgrade to a pdq card machine today.


Next Day Transfer

Merchant services are designed to help businesses increase value and cash flow by providing fast and convenient access to credit and debit card payments. One of the most popular merchant services is Next Day Transfer, which allows businesses to receive funds from credit and debit card transactions the next business day. This can be a valuable service for businesses that need quick access to funds, and it can also help to improve cash flow management. 

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In A Contract
No matter, we can get you out of you current deal to the value of £3000 including VAT and any exit fees. 

Remote Assistance

We can sort the technical issues that other card machines sometimes have. We can access the machine remotely and fix it without having to send you a new one. Or send you a new one 
within 24 hours.

Eden One will look to get you a better card payment solution and upgrade your pdq machine.

Finding the right pdq machine for your business is no easy task. Many merchants in the end will try and go for the cheapest. Eden one has a range of card machines to suit your business needs, not just price but a whole load of benefits. We also have an advanced epos solution that will suit any business in hospitality or retail industry.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Paying by card is easy with a merchant service you can trust
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