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The Secret Superpower for Business Success

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Discover the importance of great customer service for card payments and how it can impact your business. Learn from Eden One Group's proactive and professional approach to customer satisfaction.

In today’s competitive business world, providing excellent customer service is crucial to a businesses success. This is especially true for merchant services, where customers rely on efficient and reliable payment processing solutions. In this blog we will cover some of the impacts of negative and positive customer service and why it is important for businesses to prioritise customer satisfaction.

Does your current provider give good service?

  • Absolutely not.

  • Well they could be better...

  • They are fantastic!

Poor customer service can have a devastating effect on a merchants business, here are some common scenarios that merchants experience:

  • Being transferred, passed around, and repeating themselves multiple times without getting their issue resolved, leading to further frustration and no positive outcome.

Sometimes this can cause a loss of hope in the company you are dealing with and eventually lead to a merchant giving up with solving the issue, which then leads to further challenges in the future remaining unsolved.


  • Dealing with a poor customer service team can be extremely stressful, waiting around on the phone for hours and not getting through to anybody, leaving you with that horrible feeling of having to end the phone after wasting hours and getting no further progress to your problem.

They might pick up in the next few minutes, or you might end up waiting on the phone all day... Or forever...


  • Potential loss of revenue: Faulty technology can cause customers to abandon you and go to your competitors instead.

By extension, this causes unhappy customers who feel irritated and inconvenienced, and they relate that feeling to your brand.


We've covered some of the impacts of negative customer service, now let’s discuss the impacts of positive customer service.

  • Huge time saver: Not only is it great to have your challenges solved quickly, but you go away with that feeling of a weight lifted off your shoulders which allows you to focus on the most important thing, your business. One quick call, a couple of minutes on the phone and you’ve got a resolution.

Saving time boosts your productivity, so you can focus on the other areas of your business.


  • Clarity & Integrity: Great customer service allows you to be at rest knowing where you stand and always being kept in the loop with important and necessary updates. If you’re told you’ll be called back in 10 minutes, without fail you always receive that call.

This builds a better relationship and more trust between you as a merchant and your merchant services provider, as you know they will stick to their word.


  • Positive & Friendly experience: Energy rubs off on people, if you speak to a miserable and negative person the chances are as a human being you will feel it to a certain degree.

Objectively, we all want to be in the best mood possible as much as we can. Speaking to pleasant and enthusiastic customer service agents can brighten up your day.


  • The best for your business: Having good customer service isn’t just about communication and the other points listed above. It’s also about fully tending to your needs as a merchant.

With great customer service you get bespoke deals for your business that cover all your needs. Whether that be helping you get more pounds in your pocket, getting paid quicker or having a more efficient card payment solution. A great customer service team is always there to support your business.

Why make your business clunk when it can click?

At Eden One Group we are committed to providing a great customer experience to our merchants. We are proactive and professional in our approach to any challenges that arise.

We utilise our extensive industry knowledge to cater to a business’ needs and make sure that they have the best possible experience and and solution in place, to help their business succeed. Communication is a huge proponent of our values as a company and we always strive to provide clarity every step of the way.

Take your business to the next level with Eden One, let us show you how we can help elevate your business.

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