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Top 5 Card Machine providers in the UK

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Top 5 Best Card Machine Providers in the

UK (Updated 2022!)

Have you ever thought of upgrading your business by investing in a card machine? If you are looking to improve the client experience while also

increasing your store’s earnings, investing in a card machine is the way to go.

Every good retailer should have it, as it is an indispensable tool for businesses.

Why rank the best card machine provides in the UK?

Investing in one may either help you with your business or it might give you major headaches in

the future. In choosing the best card machine, we have to consider certain

factors before purchasing one. Three (3) factors to consider are 1. the time and ease of the

setup; 2. price; and 3. the features it provides.

The top 5 best card machine epos providers in UK.


Dojo is a small-business-friendly mobile card machine solution. It features a straightforward

onboarding procedure, takes little commitment, and has relatively basic pricing.

The card machine come with a USB charging cord, wall adaptor, charging dock, and decals to

show what cards you can accept. It includes a booklet that shows you how to set up the Dojo

terminal. In less than 5 minutes, you are set up and ready to accept payments. In terms of

support, they provide remote assistance to resolve urgent card machine issues.

Dojo can reimburse up to £3,000 of your prior contract plus exit fees if you were locked onto it.

Below is the summary of Dojo’s pricing:

Description Pricing

Setup fee None

Monthly cost from £15 + VAT/mo

Authorisation Fee - £0.0385 per authorization

Transaction Fees Refund Fee - £0.5 per transaction

Monthly minimum fee Personalised minimum charge applies every month

Early termination fee equivalent to the cost of remaining contract

PCI compliance £15 + VAT/mo if non-compliant

Listed are some of its key features:

● WiFi, 3G and 4G

● 10 hours’ battery life

● Accepts tips

● Connects with over 400 epos partners

● Point-to-point encryption

● Next-day payouts

Dojo is a good deal for small businesses and hospitality enterprises with a monthly sales

volume of more than £5,000. The terminal has a long battery life as well, so you don't have to

worry about it dying out on your busiest period. All in all, Dojo still has great potential and

benefits to business owners. As long as the system is tailored to fit you, Dojo is a solid 4.5/5.


Zettle Terminal is an all-in-one card reader and point-of-sale app. With the Terminal, you can

take payments and manage your POS from the same device.

It simply takes a few minutes to get started with Zettle. You just have to sign up directly in the

app or on Once you’ve made an account you can customize the features in your

POS that is suitable for your business.

Zettle’s pricing ranges from £29 to £599 for the store kit complete with the POS system. The

only recurring fee you have to pay is the transaction fees as listed below. No monthly and set up

fees. The transaction fee is fixed to 1.75%. No Monthly fee.

Listed are some of its key features:

● Battery life — up to 8 hours

● Free POS app with good features

● UK-based support

● PCI and EMV compliant

● Accepts a wide range of credit and debit cards

Overall, Zettle is difficult to beat for any small business seeking for a reliable, simple, and cost-

effective point of sale that performs exactly what you need it to accomplish. Customer service

isn't always available, the system is simple to use and

just works. Zettle could easily score a 4.0/5.


Square has a mobile card reader that connects to your tablet or smartphone and allows you to

accept credit card payments in-store. Its mobile software acts as a comprehensive POS system,

with features that allow you to run any type of business from your smartphone

The only time-consuming act is the account setup. You must first create a Square account and

link your bank account before purchasing the terminal. After you've set up your Square account,

you'll need to download and log in to the Square Point of Sale app on your smartphone or

tablet. After connecting the card reader to your mobile device you're ready to accept your first


Squares’ prices range from £16 for the card reader to £599 for the square register all with a free

POS app. For the transactions fees, it’s fixed to 1.75%. No setup and monthly fee.


Listed are some of its key features:

● Real-time sales reporting and analytics

● Fully PCI compliant

● No long-term contracts or commitment

● Support most card types

● Provides next business day deposits

● Can add staff account

If cost is a factor in your decision, Square is one of the most popular options in the UK. For the

price of a cheap card reader and a fixed transaction fee, it offers a lot of free and versatile app

features. Easily, Square can get a 4.0/5


SumUp is an inclusive card machine EPOS provider. You just register (it takes 5-10 minutes),

buy a SumUp card reader, and pay a flat cost for each transaction.

SumUp’s price range from £29 to £149 for the upfront payment of the card terminal. The

transaction fee is fixed at 1.69%. Virtual terminal fee: 2.95% + 25p on each card payment. No

monthly minimum sales volume. No monthly fee.

Listed are some of its key features:

● Card terminals (choice of 3 models)

● Online business account with accompanying card (free)

● SumUp App (free) and Point of Sale (from £29/mo.)

● Invoicing software (free)

● Online store (free)

● Accounting system (still being rolled out)

SumUp is ideal for low-volume retailers who want to accept cards right away, such as in a shop,

café, bar, market stall, or on the go. SumUp is a good place to start for a range of businesses

because of its simple fees, easy sign-up, and free bonuses. However, the POS app may be too

basic, and you may need to go elsewhere to develop these systems in the future. Sum up

deserves a 4.3/5.


Elavon has been providing card machine services for businesses of all sizes for many years. They offer an independent card machine or with an integrated POS system.

Elavon has many options for merchants with different bespoke rates. Customer support and simplicity is important to small to medium businesses which Elavon is a key provider of.

Listed are some of its key features:

● full membership to Elavon connect Dashboard

● detailed analyses of sales

● Integration with EPOS systems

● Faster transactions

● Round the clock customer support

Many merchants trust Elavon to manage all card-related aspects of their business, and for

good reason: card security is top-notch. Small companies, on the other hand, may find good

card machines with epos integration that are cost-friendly and packed with great features

elsewhere. Good models used to have to come from established payment providers like

Elavon and with the PAXA920 available it pips them ahead of Dojo.

to the demands of cost-conscious businesses. For Elavon a score of 4.7/5 may suffice.

There are a lot of card machine ePOS systems available there. What others consider to be the ideal may not be the best for others. Whatever card machine EPOS you choose, the end goal should always be an evident increase in the efficiency of your business management and customer satisfaction.

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